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Pinkard Youth Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment of youth.  The organization sponsors educational workshops, seminars, activities, and events that will educate and expose young people to opportunities that will enhance their and awareness and need for community service.


Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Pinkard Youth Institute


Pinkard Youth Institute activities are presented to help youth to develop:

  • Pride in his/her work and achievements

  • Self-understanding

  • The feeling of positive self-worth, security, and self-assurance

  • Skills to think and reason logically

  • In doing so, youth will learn how to apply critical thinking, problem

  • Decision-making and Ability to make sound decisions.


In summary, it is the goal to enhance their awareness and the need for community service." to get youth to identify their strengths and determine how to utilize them for the betterment of their community.   Solving skills to life situations and recognizing that there are multiple ways and strategies to solve problems.

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